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The Top 5 Disney Movies of the 1980's

So far, I’ve posted about 9 of my favourite films of all time, and before I reveal my all-time favourite, here’s a few films that I absolutely love, but just didn’t have room for in my top 10.

When I made this list, I didn’t go with films that I think are the most technically perfect or the films that would make the Academy gush, instead, I have chosen movies that resonate with me on a personal level, and affirm my love for cinema. Growing up as a 90’s baby, both of my …

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I know. You were probably thinking that this far up the list, I’d go for the classic film-school choice of Citizen Kane, or a Hitchcock film, or at least something in Black and White, but the truth is, I absolutely adore Disney’s animated film; The Lion King.

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