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I first watched The Godfather when I was 10 years old, with my Dad. Responsible parenting? Most definitely not. Did I care? Most definitely not.

So far, I’ve posted about 9 of my favourite films of all time, and before I reveal my all-time favourite, here’s a few films that I absolutely love, but just didn’t have room for in my top 10.

When I made this list, I didn’t go with films that I think are the most technically perfect or the films that would make the Academy gush, instead, I have chosen movies that resonate with me on a personal level, and affirm my love for cinema. Growing up as a 90’s baby, both of my …

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I know. You were probably thinking that this far up the list, I’d go for the classic film-school choice of Citizen Kane, or a Hitchcock film, or at least something in Black and White, but the truth is, I absolutely adore Disney’s animated film; The Lion King.

I wanted to see if there was a movie out there that portrayed the holocaust in a different light to only showing the pure horror that it was; a film that still kept the memories of the Holocaust alive, but also showed that no matter what happens in life, humans can still strive for survival, and that despite the disguting, vile, and inhuman treatment of the victims of the holocaust, life, still has positive elements, and life can still be beautiful.

Every now and then, a film comes along that shatters cinematic convention; Birdman with a one-shot style, Hardcode Henry with a unique first-person view giving it that video-game feeling, and Boyhood.

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