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When I made this list, I didn’t go with films that I think are the most technically perfect or the films that would make the Academy gush, instead, I have chosen movies that resonate with me on a personal level, and affirm my love for cinema.

Growing up as a 90’s baby, both of my parents were huge fans of the Back to the Future series, so I recall watching all three films quite regularly when I was a kid. I was fascinated with the concept of time travel, and equally fascinated with the different time-periods portrayed on-screen.

I think, however, the main reason that this film enters my top 3 is because of the unforgettable viewing experience I had. When I was living and studying in New York, a good friend of mine gave me a ticket to see a special commemorative screening of Back to the Future at Radio City Music Hall, to celebrate the first film’s 30th anniversary. The performance came complete with a live orchestra playing John Williams’ epic score, an introduction from Doc himself, and the buzz of seeing a film alongside thousands of fellow fans that may be unique to Radio City. Additionally, seeing at-least 200 Marty’s, 100 Docs and a pair of the Nike MAG shoes modelled on Back to the Future II that retail for silly money (over $100,000) were all instrumental to the experience.

Nike MAG trainers, modelled on BTTF II

Anyway, Back to the Film…It’s no secret that BTTF has it’s problems, ; the blatant O.T.T stereotype of the Libyan terrorists doesn’t play well in 2020, and is horrifically offensive. And, of course, any time-travel film will undoubtedly have several plot-holes and paradoxes, but I think it’s so nostalgia-filled, so heart-warming and so damn funny, that it has held-up over the years.

Back to the Future

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