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I know. You were probably thinking that this far up the list, I’d go for the classic film-school choice of Citizen Kane, or a Hitchcock film, or at least something in Black and White, but the truth is, I absolutely adore Disney’s animated film; The Lion King.

This is the movie that made me fall in love with movies. In one of my earliest memories, I recall watching The Lion King on VCR with my Auntie and late Grandma, and I remember feeling. That’s the best way I can describe it. Film is an incredibly educational tool, and for me, this film – or morality tale, really – taught me lessons about loss, hope and survival that were instrumental to my upbringing, and helped shape me as a person.

This may sound ridiculous, and it probably is, but it’s undeniable that movies can teach you life-lessons, and this movie taught me that it’s OK to feel sad. Which sadly – pun absolutely intended – is a lesson that a lot of men that I grew up with, young and old, never learned. Now, I’m not suggesting that The Lion King or Disney Films can combat toxic masculinity, but any man that can proudly admit that he still weeps freely when (spoiler) Mufasa is pushed off the cliff by evil brother, Scar, is pretty damn masculine in my opinion.

Unlike most of the other films in my list, I was far too young to really “get” the Lion King from an adult perspective, because I would have been no older than 4 when I first saw it. For those reasons, I’m not going to try and analyze the voice acting, or praise the cinematography or any or anything like that. The true reason this film makes my top 10, is because it made me fall in love with movies, and I think that is a pretty important trait for a film reviewer to have.

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