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Adding itself to the recent influx of Adam Sandler produced Netflix original films is The Wrong Missy; a destination rom-com set in stunning Hawaii. But is The Wrong Missy a hit? No, It’s a Missy.

What starts off with a date from hell ends with a film from hell, with overused rom-com tricks appearing as often as Rob Shneider in an Adam Sandler film. Which, of course, happens here. He makes an appearance as a near-fingerless shark-diving instructor who is terrified of sharks, and as much as I have a penchant for well placed Rob Shneider cameos, this one lacked bite.

The film seemed throroughly removed from reality, and it seems like the script was removed from Final Draft after one quick look-over, as there are plot holes, inconsistencies and out-of-context jokes all over the place.

There was however, one saving grace, in the form of Lauren Lapkus (Between Two Ferns: The Movie, Jurrasic World) who manages to take a character that is “crazy” – psychologists would squirm at the wholly innacurate portrayals of mental health in this film -and make her believable, likeable and lovable. Fans of Adam Sandler would have also noticed that his wife, Jackie, makes an appearance as The Barracuda, and while she may not be a student of Miesner or Strasberg, she was entertaining and played the role of antagonist well. David Spade was also in this film.

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Joe Vlogs Rating: 2/5

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